Do you already know which Christmas gifts are you going to give to your loved ones this year?

It can be as simple as a DIY drawing. Or something original as a memory of a moment you spend with someone. Or a delicious Christmas treat to share with the family.

To us, it’s not about how much you spend. It’s the care and tenderness you put in it.

Of course, if you are a shopping addict, by now you must have everything exquisitely wrapped. Or at least you have already planned the perfect gifts. If you didn’t, well… we are here to help you. Let’s start shopping!

Christmas gifts for Cristiano Ronaldo’s true fans…

In Pestana CR7 Lisboa you’ll find a lot of items from the CR7 brand from 12,50€: socks, perfumes, cellphone covers, and much more. Real fans will be thrilled to have them!

… And gifts for those who love to travel

A Voucher Check-In from Pestana. Just imagine: instead of giving just a thing, you’ll be offering an experience. The person getting this Check-In Voucher (from 79,90€) can choose and book the Pestana Hotel of his or her preference within a year.

There’s also something for foodies…

A Voucher Gourmet (49,90€) gives you access to a meal for two in very special restaurants. The receiver only has to choose the place… why not a delicious meal at Pestana CR7 Corner Lisboa or Funchal.

… As well as for readers

Pestana Cidadela Cascais

Charity Bookstore Déjà Lu at Pestana Cidadela Cascais loves books so much that it opened the Christmas literary lounge “The Chapter – Bar and Words”, a partnership with “Cantinho do Vintage”. It’s a magical space that brings back the true Christmas Spirit. Besides books, you can choose from vintage, Nordic and industrial designed furniture. The best thing is knowing that, by buying, you are also helping the Portuguese Association for Trisomy 21 Carriers.

Do you have any more ideas for Christmas gifts? Share them with us and have a Happy Christmas!

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