These CR7 merchandising items are for real fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and can all be bought at Pestana CR7 Lisboa. Take a look!

If you’re a fan of soccer, you know how valuable is a t-shirt signed by your favorite player. And if you follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s lifestyle on social media, you’ll understand why he loves luxury brands and items with a personal touch. Even the most ordinary thing we use daily may convey confidence and make us feel special, right?

Come to Pestana CR7 Lisboa and see for yourself our collection of Cristiano’s merchandising brand. Only the nicest stuff on the planet! You can buy your favorite thing right at the hotel’s reception. Be quick – some items are almost out of stock!

1. Autographed white soccer ball – 60€

The question is… will you play with your kids and friends or will you save it as a trophy?

2. Autographed postcard – 12,50€

The best souvenir you can send from Lisbon to your friends and family!

3. CR7 phone case – 14,99€

Here you can find the perfect phone case for several cell phone models… and they come in different colors as well.

4. CR7 perfume and cologne – 30€ to 55€

With this scent, you will always be very smelly and super stylish, even if you sweat a lot after a soccer game!

5. CR7 boxers – 29,99€

Yes, they are sexy! Do you prefer white or black? With red or blue lettering? Whatever you choose, you can look like Cristiano. Just work your 6-pack to be at your best!

6. CR7 socks – 14.99€

Comfortable feet mean confident people. Never neglect the importance of good socks! There are two pairs in each package.

7 More merchandising

Which of these items would you like to have? And do you have any ideas for CR7 merchandising? Tell us all about it!


  1. Hello, the property looks great!! I am a big soccer fan from the USA and my wife and I will be in Lisbon in May. We are looking to book our 1-night stay there. I have started a YouTube Travel Channel and I think your hotel would make for some great content!! I would really like to purchase one of the signed balls while I am there. Do you think you will have them back in stock by May 20th? Also – are they authentic, each one really signed by Ronaldo? We are looking forward to booking our stay.

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