Are you loving your days at Pestana CR7 Lisboa and do you think you’ll have the holiday blues when you get back home? Then take a little bit of Portugal with you! A gift for you, another for the family, and another for someone special… From the tramway T-shirt to the sardine tin, we have chosen 7 items to remind you of Lisbon.

Cork@ amorim

Did you know Portugal is the biggest exporter of cork in the world? This raw material is used for much more than just wine bottles. You’ll find cork furniture, wallets, shoes and even surfboards for sale.

Portuguese notebooks@ Firmo

The ideal gift for anyone who goes through life writing little notes, making sketches and keeping memories. The most famous are the blue Firmo notebooks (literary reference: appears in the novel “Oracle Night” by Paul Auster).

Lisbon T-shirts

@ Lisbon-t-shirt

Lisbon is an unlimited source of inspiration for souvenir T-shirts. Choose between tramway 28, poet Fernando Pessoa, sardines, tiles, fado or take them all.

Tinned fish It’s not just about the tinned sardines. Every year there are new products on the market such as cod, mackerel, eel, black swordfish or tuna with various flavors. All you have to do is choose your favorite. As their designs get better and better, these little tins are great for collecting.

Porto WinePhoto by Bruno Martins – Unsplash

300 km north of Lisbon, we find the oldest wine region in the world. The Douro has produced excellent wines for more than 260 years that can be found in the country’s best wine cellars. CR7 tip: find out here about the varieties, strengths, and brands before you buy your bottles.

Soaps@ Pestana Hotel Group

Smell as good as they look, don’t take up much space in your suitcase, and don’t break the budget. Try the Castelbel brand, with a collection of soaps and aromatic candles inspired by Portugal.

TilesThose gorgeous blue-and-white old tiles are a part of Portuguese history and a nice souvenir to take with you. You can find them in antique shops and street fairs.

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