Are you coming to the end of your stay at Pestana CR7 Funchal? Set aside a few hours for shopping and buy gifts for yourself and all the people you love. That way, you’ll have an excuse to talk about Madeira and prolong that holiday feeling! We have 7 suggestions for traditional and original gifts.

1. Madeira Wine

So good that even the “founding fathers” of the United States drank it to toast the newly claimed independence in 1776.  Find out about the types of wine, varieties and their history on the official website.

2. Embroidery workThere’s something unique about handmade pieces. The island’s embroiderers perform their job to perfection and leave nothing undone! Madeira embroidery is traditionally applied to dresses, towels, scarves, and sheets. CR7 tip: look for original pieces with a guarantee seal.

3. Honey Cake (Bolo de Mel)“A recipe that, if you know everything that goes into it, can be quite daunting,” says João Pimenta, Pestana CR7 Funchal chef. But it’s not a scary type of daunting; it’s amazement! It takes a lot of work and it isn’t cheap to make this dessert with “honey, cloves, nutmeg, lard, dried fruit, and Madeira wine.” A well-made and well-preserved honey cake lasts up to a year – long enough to buy another plane ticket to Madeira. If you get the opportunity to try a cake made by João Pimenta, don’t miss it!

4. Wicker baskets If you find one of those super-comfortable chairs that instantly bring back that holiday feeling difficult to carry, try a smaller piece. How about a tray, a picnic basket or even a guitar? They’re made by hand with natural vegetable fibers, cultivated in Madeira. They’ll certainly go well in your home.

5. Traditional bag

The red striped fabric is used in everything from the traditional costumes of flower sellers to hats, bread bags, wallets, shoes… A beautiful, cheerful and good holiday souvenir.

6. Design pieces

In Madeira you’ll also find world-class innovation. The Nini Andrade Silva Design Centre presents its collection inspired by the round pebbles of the beaches of Madeira. Admire the rugs, sofas, paintings, and T-shirts all based around this theme.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo T-shirt Of course, you can buy a cool T-shirt with the thatched roof houses of Santana, a bunch of bananas or even a glass of poncha on it. But Madeira’s most famous symbol is Cristiano Ronaldo. Buy your T-shirts at the CR7 Museum, next to the hotel. At Pestana CR7 Hotel Funchal we loved it so much that we use it as decor.

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