Every day is different for people walking through the grid of streets in the Baixa area. There are artists everywhere, singing, playing music, entertaining the passers-by, painting portraits or just quietly attracting everyone’s gaze as human statues, suspended in mid-air, as if weightless.

Baixa is a place where you can truly feel all the variations of the human soul. Busy workers hurry past, staring straight ahead. Tourists linger, eager to capture everything from the bright blue Tagus to pictures drawn on the pavements and the famous ‘pastel de nata’. Café workers stand, with a menu in hand, ready to welcome potential customers. Street performers add an extra touch of color to this place, in exchange for a few coins.

Things to see on a typical day walking through Baixa

A band plays songs from its latest album on the privileged Cais das Colunas stage. In the vast Praça do Comércio, a man blows giant soap bubbles, which reflect the colors of the rainbow while amusing the children. By the Rua Augusta Arch, a Disney character beckons you with his giant gloves. There are clowns, caricaturists, painters and musicians on every corner.

Climbing up to Chiado, towards the Metro, you’ll find more bands, dancers and an applauding crowd. You can also stop to admire the street art by Vhils adorning a restaurant’s walls, the Bairro Alto’s spectacular graffiti and installations that pop up everywhere, without warning.

Lisbon is a free open-air art gallery. And the Pestana CR7 Lisboa is right at the heart of everything.

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