Now that Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Juventus, the top team in the Italian Football League, the Pestana CR7 is even more charming.

Want to know how to enjoy life the Italian way? It’s easy, just choose one of our hotels and follow our suggestions!

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Order an espresso coffee

A strong, hot and aromatic drink that keeps you alert. It’s easy to get into this good habit, just don’t have too many of them! Wherever you are, recreate the coffee break that is characteristic of both Italians and the Portuguese.

Other coffee-based drinks

Coffee is so popular in Italy that it is consumed in various different ways, depending on the time of day. It is delicious when mixed with frothy milk, condensed milk, whipped cream or hot chocolate. Depending on what takes your fancy at the time, ask for a Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato or Mocha.

The Aperitivo

The Italian happy hour is a real institution. Before dinner, people gather together to have a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and snacks. And it was thanks to this Italian custom that the Martini was born, along with many other cocktails like Negroni, Rossini, and Spritz. Our bartenders are always aware of the latest drink trends and can prepare the most extraordinary drinks!

Good food

The CR7 Corner focuses on uncomplicated food. And there is nothing simpler – or tastier – than Italian specialities that have conquered the world. The Pestana CR7 Funchal pizzas were created by the Italian pizzaiolo, Gian Franco, and are considered the best pizzas in Madeira! You’ll also find pasta, risotto, and salads on our menu. The Mediterranean diet is known to be one of the healthiest in the world and is conducive to spending many pleasant hours around the dinner table enjoying long meals.

The art of conversation

Italians talk a lot (and with their hands too). A trip is a great icebreaker to start any conversation. No matter their nationality, anyone who stays in our hotels loves to swap ideas about what to see or do in the city. So, don’t be shy. Come to our pool parties to talk to us and other guests!

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Italian Sport

Football is the most popular sport in Italy – and will become even more exciting now that Cristiano Ronaldo is playing for Juventus! But Italians also enjoy other sports and love everything that has to do with speed. If you like football, cycling or Formula 1 too, come to Pestana CR7 to watch the main sporting events on our giant screens.


Going for a stroll is another Italian habit. A good walk combines exercise, conversation and, whenever possible, new clothes. After all, fashion is one of Italy’s biggest industries and Cristiano Ronaldo likes to dress well.

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