Hello beer lovers! The craft beer world in Lisbon is growing fast. And it comes with some “petiscos” like cheese boards, snacks, tapas, and nice talks.

From Pestana CR7 Lisboa you can easily walk to some of the craft breweries downtown. If you dare to go a little further to the east side of the city, you will find Beato, an entire neighborhood where beer is a true art. So, where do you want to start?

1 Outro Lado – Old LisBeer

Beco do Arco Escuro, 1 – Baixa/Alfama

Always with plenty of new and exciting stuff coming, this place is specialized in craft and international beer.

Open from 4 PM to 12AM

What fans say:

– Amazing choice of beers, high quality breweries, kind owners with perfect advice. Just go there and enjoy!

– Unusual selection of craft beers. Comfy, slightly quirky interior.


2 Beer Station

Largo Duque de Cadaval 17, Quiosque D – Rossio

A small beer bar with 12 taps and lots of bottles Open from 2PM to 12AM

What fans say:

– Great place with great Portuguese beer and super knowledgeable staff. Looking forward to visiting Lisboa and the beer station again.

– Nice place with good Portuguese beer! The staff was very nice and very helpful!

3 Cerveteca

Praça das Flores 63, Cais do Sodré

A place to share and enjoy much more than just a simple bottle of beer.

Open from 3.30PM to 1AM (Sunday to Wednesday); up to 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

What fans say:

– Great range of beers, fantastic cheese board and lots of board games to play. Great rainy afternoon.

– Great beer. Lots of options. Even better staff. If you like beer try this place, you won’t be disappointed.

4 Dois Corvos

Rua Capitão Leitão, 94, Lisboa

Independent, family-owned brewery in Marvila, producing distinctive craft beers that are distributed throughout Portugal and beyond.

Tap room open from 2PM to 11PM (Sunday to Wednesday); up to 1AM on Friday and Saturday

What fans say:

– One of the best places to drink craft beer.

– Excellent craft beer brewery with popular taproom in Lisboa. Great beers, great staff, great patrons. A little bit out of the way but well worth the trek to get there.

5 Musa

Rua do Açúcar, 83

Recipes from the olden days and traditional craftsman method created a revolutionary beer. So revolutionary it should wear a beret instead of a cap.

Open from 4PM to 12AM; up to 2AM on Friday; from 1PM to 2AM on Saturday and from 1PM to 10PM on Sunday.

What fans say:

– Good music! and nice atmosphere!

– Great craft beer on main bus route 2 miles outside Lisbon Centre.

6 Oitava Colina

Tv. Pereira 39-1 – Graça

Beers produced exclusively from malt, water, hops and yeasts. Unfiltered beers, with natural carbonation produced by fermentation itself.

Open from 12PM to 11PM; up to 1AM on Friday and Saturday

What fans say:

– My compliments on the Urraca: a truly unique flavor hard to find anywhere in Portugal that brings back fond memories of the finest microbreweries of the US.

– Hard to explain. After much suffering, headaches and (obviously) many beers the answer is simple. The beer has flavor. Uohhhhh … poetic huh! It is a kind of elixir of youth in which you begin to feel a wise man when it comes to craft beer. But calm down. Only after a few “Oitavas”.

7 Delirium Café

Calçada Nova de São Francisco,2A – Chiado

25 tap beers and the best beers in the world in the heart of Lisbon! Includes burgers and other snacks.

Open from 12PM to 01AM (Monday to Wednesday); up to 2AM on Friday; from 4PM to 2AM on Saturday.

What fans say:

– Best beer bar in town. great ambient. The staff is Great.  Great beers all over the world. so… come and see…

– Fabulous selection of beer, in fact, best selection we found so far in Europe. Amazing atmosphere, and good service. Easy as Canadian English speaking tourists to speak to the staff here. Very friendly and welcoming staff.


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