Lisbon takes gastronomy very seriously. It is a city where you can find flavors from all the world, from China to the USA, from Australia to Mexico, from Cabo Verde to Sweden. There are dozens of vegetarian restaurants, others almost exclusively carnivorous. The Portuguese fish, as we all know, is the best in the world – kind of equivalent to Cristiano Ronaldo regarding sea flavors. And, of course, there is also a huge variety of typical Portuguese food, from North, South, and Islands. Everywhere you go, there are popular taverns, inviting outdoor tables, Fado houses, and Michelin restaurants.

But what about Lisbon traditional food? Being a city as open to influences and flavors, it can be hard to find out what dishes originated here. Well, challenge accepted! Discover with us the 7 most delightful foods of Lisbon.

Food from the sea

Grilled Sardines

There is no Santos without sardines! True fact, we can find them all over the country during Summer. But it was in Lisbon that they became so popular, along with grilled and colorful peppers.

Bacalhau à Brás

Maybe the most international of all the cod recipes. It’s shredded cod with onion, potatoes thin sticks, and scrambled eggs.

Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato

Olive oil, garlic, white wine, and coriander is all you need to give some extra flavor to the most delicious clams. The sauce was invented by Bulhão Pato, a 19th-century Portuguese writer and politician.

Meia desfeita

Another traditional cod recipe, perfect to make the most of fish leftovers.  You can mix it with chickpea and boiled eggs. As it is a heavier dish, people used to ask for just a half portion – hence the name “meia” (half).

And food from the land…

Iscas com elas

Eating beef liver isn’t for everyone… It is one of those strange things that some love and others hate. The very thin sliced liver is pan-fried with lots of onion and garlic and it comes along with boiled potatoes (the so-called “elas” – them).

Peixinhos da horta

Portuguese people love fish so much that they even called fish to a dish with no fish – instead it has… green beans. The vegetable is shrouded in a kind of purée and deep fried. It is said that this tasty snack originated the famous Japonese tempura.

Pastéis de nata

Oh, the pastel de nata. It deserved a special, exclusive post. Such a delicious desert, creamy, sweet, softly sprinkled with cinnamon. The perfect blend of delicate puff pastry and a refined filling made by zealous bakers. The original recipe (still secret) is from Fábrica dos Pasteis de Belém, a monument to the art of fine eating. But you can find a good pastel de nata in any pastry shop. Don’t leave Lisbon without at least one.

Tell us: What is your favorite dish in Lisbon? Would you like to suggest any specialty to our guests?

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