This is the neighborhood where everybody wants to live in – with its schools and shopping, gardens, central location and cultural facilities. But what we really find it thrilling is the amount of great restaurants, food stores and coffee shops. Recently, it has become more international than ever. Check out why.

  1. Mercado de Campo de Ourique – Rua Coelho da Rocha

The place to buy your groceries and to eat and drink, no matter what time. You can grab your favorite type of food such as oysters, pasta, ice-cream and much more and taste it all at the market’s central plaza.

Photo by Mercado de Campo de Ourique
  1. O Moço dos Croissants – Rua Coelho da Rocha, 91

A small shop next to the market where there is a fresh batch of pastries coming out of the oven every time the bell rings.  Inspired by the French boulangeries, Manel Perestrelo uses only the beurrage that comes directly from France to deliver his amazing handmade croissants. You can have it plain or filled with wild berries, ham and cheese, chocolate, and other flavors.

  1. Fromagerie Maître Renard – Rua Ferreira Borges, 30

Merveilleux! You can taste and buy the most wonderful cheeses while practicing your French accent at the same time. Love that creamy goat cheese? Maybe you prefer a cured cow cheese. Léonie Benoist, Quentin Bouyaghi and Ulysse Jasinsky are the young owners of this space and they offer not only Portuguese cheeses but also French. So you can find Emmental, Rocamadour and Chabichou alongside with Azeitão and Serra. They also sell craft beer, wine and liquor, foie gras and jams.

Photo by Fromagerie Maître Renard
  1. Moules & Beer – Rua 4 da Infantaria, nº 29D

If there is any Belgian delicacy besides chocolate that comes to your mind, it must be either mussels or beer. In this restaurant, you have the perfect match, with 30 different beers (craft Portuguese beers along with German, Dutch, and Belgian brands) combined with the fresh, delicious mussels. On Mondays they feature a weekly special. Open from 12h30PM to midnight.

Photo by Moules&Co
  1. La Focacceria Pugliese – Rua Tomás da Anunciação, 25

The focacceria has evolved from a small counter to a medium size restaurant in just a few years. While Chef Alfredo Giangaspero is an expert in pizzas and focaccias from Puglia, Italy,  pasta and salads are also on the program. The menu lists 20 choices of pizza, and you can choose to have the whole pie or just a slice. Be sure to ask for 10% off if you take away your food and enjoy the Happy Hour with Panzerotto and Peroni beer from 4 to 7 PM.

Photo by La Foccaceria Pugliese
  1. Tapas N’ Friends – Rua Silva Carvalho, 145

If you find it difficult to choose one of the 59 tapas on the menu, the trick is to order a bunch and share them. If Spanish people know how to enjoy each other’s company around a table, Portuguese don’t come after. Besides batatas bravas, tortilla and Galician octopus, there is Bulhão Pato clams, codfish pataniscas and fried cuttlefish. And then the menu makes room for Italian delicacies as well, like bruschetta, eggplant canelone and burrata. The restaurant is open up until midnight. Partners Nuno Vieira, Gonçalo Fernandes and Nicola Forte have two other Tapas N’ Friends in downtown Lisbon, but the one in Campo de Ourique is the most comfy one.

Photo by Tapas & Friends

 7. O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo – Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão, 62

It’s incredible knowing that this tiny store’s recipe goes around the globe. Today you can find “The Best Chocolate Cake in the World” in Spain, Brazil, the US, Australia, and the UK. But when Carlos Braz Lopes created this merengue layered cake shrouded by creamy French chocolate mousse and covered with irresistible chocolate ganache, he was only trying to reproduce a delicacy he once tasted in France. When his friends started to ask him if it was good, he said: “it’s not good. It’s the best in the world!”.

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