It is known by Dracula’s Margarita, can only be drunk in the dark depths of our bar and it is made of apple, cucumber and ginger. This exclusive cocktail at Pestana CR7 Lisboa was firstly haunted by two major competitors… but due to its faithful nature of vampire beverage, it made its way and become the champion in the ghostly liquor league!

Bartender Vitor Costa Martins describes his three attempts to create the Frankenstein of cocktails:
  • A Margarita with Mezcal (a kind of premium tequila) and Cointreau, with the rim of the glass, rubbed with red-dyed salt to make it look even more alive;
  • A Dracula sangria with fresh mint dipped in red syrup, creating bloody roots;
  • A magical classic cocktail without a hint of molecular mixology. The decoration is not in the cocktail… instead, it will be discovered outside of the glass!

One of these mysterious cocktails can be seen – and tasted – during the Halloween week at Pestana CR7 Corner in Lisbon. When it comes to Dracula’s Margarita, Vitor explained “I was trying to avoid the typical look of Halloween, usually associated with childish decorations like pumpkins, ghosts and monsters. I wanted to give it a touch of elegance – just like our bar”.

But all of this elegance doesn’t take away the playful look of the cocktails created by Vítor, who claims to love “playing with kitchen equipment, ice cream machines, foam or smoking gun”.

The creating process of a new cocktail is always challenging. Testing new cocktails involves trying out basic cocktails and mixing ingredients, adding a personal touch and submitting it to internal approval. The refined paladar of the kitchen’s staff plays an important role, along with the hotel’s director and F&B manager.

“A Margarita is a classic cocktail, well-known worldwide. It’s quite cool to take it to your universe, to your bar, with a personal touch” says the bartender. In order words, using the classic mix in the glass, and then adding personal experiences, travels and livings without falling into exaggeration”

Then the magic happens!

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