At Pestana CR7 Corner, we have an unusual tradition of crafting a Halloween cocktail every year. But in 2019, instead of one, there are three cocktails. But please note, we are not suggesting that you drink until you’re legless! Not by a long shot. You must choose one drink only and stay faithful to it… at least until the end of the night. If not, you’ll be haunted by crazy dreams and a terrible hangover!

So, in addition to the Dark Passion created by Francisco Sommer (bar manager at the Pestana CR7 Lisboa), we have the Skull Margarita and the Paloma de Pomelo, in partnership with D. Julio and Cointreau. They’re all competing at the premier league level for cocktails.

Which one will you try?

Despite being haunted by the ghost of Dracula’s Margarita which was born in this very bar last year, Dark Passion has come along. And soon it revealed its dark but flavourful nature, based on the Ballon d’Or, our most-ordered cocktail. The Dark Passion consists of a mixture of passion fruit syrup, black vodka, passion fruit juice, egg white, and lemon juice. “It contrasts boldly with the passion fruit and turns out perfect,” says Francisco. Until the end of November, you can try the Dark Passion at the Pestana CR7 Lisboa for €7.

On the other hand, the drinks by D. Julio and Cointreau promise to bewitch the Pestana CR7 Corner this Halloween. Both are available for €8, but only on 31 October. Served in Mexican skull glasses, they bring an unexpected treat: anyone who orders one of these cocktails gets a shot glass just like the skull. The Skull Margarita is made up of Don Julio tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and a twist of lemon, while the Paloma de Pomelo contains Don Julio tequila, grapefruit concentrate, natural lime juice, rosemary and a twist of lime. 

Have you ever come to our Bar?

The Pestana CR7 Corner is a bar dedicated to sports fans and a glamorous lifestyle, and is frequented by Hotel guests as well as walk-ins. Located in the historic centre of Lisbon, it shows all the important matches, has live music and lively DJ sessions. The young blood of the FanCReators and the informal and friendly service captivate more and more customers. If you’re in Lisbon, come and experience it too, while you indulge in one of our Halloween cocktails.

We promise you’ll be well and truly shaken up!

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