We call it Prego (Portuguese for steel nail), but we don´t use it to fix anything. We are talking about the famous Portuguese meat sandwich – this finger-licking delicacy that has earned its status as the ultimate national sandwich. Yet, it is so much more than just a slice of meat on a roll.

We love pregos so much that we have continued to improve the recipe until perfection. We have added flavors and tried out new combinations, always with first-class ingredients!

Here’s how you can make a badass prego:

  • Grab the most tender, thinner beef cut you can find at the local butcher
  • Grill it or panfry it with a laurel leaf, a garlic clove and season with kosher salt
  • Use a slightly spicy old-style mustard and the best Portuguese olive oil
  • For the bread, you should use a bolo do caco – the famous roll from Madeira. It’s a round and tasty bread, incredibly tender and crunchy – just perfect soak in that delicious jus.
  • You can always customize it with optional ingredients, such as fried eggs, a slice of ham and salad.

To those who are cutting on carbs, you can always ditch the bread and order a bitoque, the equivalent of a breadless prego.

At the CR7 Corner, we make the best pregos. Come try it for yourself and indulge!

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