In June 2020 we open the new and exotic Pestana CR7 Marrakesh, located in the Hivernage District, with its bars, shops, restaurants, in addition to luxury spas. Even before you sleep in one of the 174 new rooms of the hotel, we’ve already come up with a list of 7 things for you to do when visiting the ancient imperial capital of Morocco. So, join us on this unforgettable adventure!

1 – Watch the sunset in the Sahara desert

It’s hard to explain what travelers find most appealing. Like the fantastic colors, the deep silence, the mutating shapes of the dunes, the starry sky, or even the blowing wind. Only the sunrise can be better than the sunset.

2 – Haggle in the souks

They seem like real mazes but filled with stalls selling everything under the sun. Souks actually have their own structure, divided into spice, jewelry, clothing and handicraft sections. Tradition dictates the price should be haggled over before paying.

3 – Drink a mint tea

Moroccans drink tea at any time of day. Offering a glass of this hot drink (at times excessively sugary) is considered a welcoming gesture – and it’s rude to decline.

4 – Get a henna tattoo

Temporary tattoos using ground henna leaves stay on your skin for a few weeks. Decorating one’s hands and feet with elaborate drawings is a tradition in important rituals like weddings. Very popular with tourists!

5 – Enjoy life at Terres d’Amanar

This ecotourism park on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, very close to Marrakesh, has horses, archery, trampolines, cycling, a zip-wire and a series of other activities for adrenaline junkies.

6 – Get lost in the Medina

The alleyways of the labyrinthine old town hide secret gardens, lively markets, minarets, museums, mosque ruins and plenty of points of interest. As it is easy to get lost, take a guided tour and keep an eye out for points of reference.

7 – Ask for permission to take photos

Discover why Marrakesh is known as the red city (CR7 tip: it is not like football teams or political affiliation… ) So, try to capture the unique light reflected on monuments such as the Saadian tombs or the El Badi Palace. But be polite and always ask permission if you want to photograph people.

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