Guest Relations Hugo Berlinchas guide us through the Pestana CR7 Funchal. Cristiano Ronaldo’s hometown was the first opening of the brand in 2016. Have a tour in this Lifestyle Hotel with the perfect location in Madeira, the leading island destination in Europe (as voted for the 5th time in a row by World Travel Awards).  

Reception | Kitchen | Restaurant

The open floor plan is the heart and soul of the Hotel. “This is where things happen,” says Hugo. Guests can arrive in the middle of a music event and immediately be invited to join the party. 

“The concept and philosophy of the CR7 brand weren’t changed since the opening” Hugo tells us. “The only thing different is that we have added more sitting places in the restaurant because we had more people coming over to eat”. The fancy smart food keeps attracting guests as well as local people. And of course, there is always a match to see on the big TV screen. Following the best example of endurance and hard work, all FanCReators do their best to follow one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s motto written on the wall:


Any complaints? Use the punching bag close to the reception desk and the staff will surely help you. The display with 3 World Travel Award prizes for Best Boutique Hotel and Best Lifestyle Hotel are like quality assurance.  

Bar | Lounge

The colorful wall is perfect for Instagrammers, even the ones who do not stay at the hotel. As the guest relations can testify, “it does have a spectacular effect in photographs”. So is the bookshelf with the “R” close to the bar. The Pestana CR7 brand is growing – we will have new hotels opening soon – but none is so “Cristiano Ronaldo” like the one in Madeira.

Stairs | Corridor

The industrial orange stairs are similar to the ones used in English soccer stadiums. The green fake-lawn is also inspired in sports. The elevator, on the other hand, pictures paparazzi looking for our star-guests. Longing to find Ronaldo? Use the binoculars – he’s right at the end of the 100 meters-long corridor, the same length as a football pitch. Raise the bar and live your dramatic moment when the lights turn on as you run through it. We can almost hear the cheer!

Rooftop | Pool

For Hugo, there is no doubt: The rooftop is the Hotel’s ex-libris. It has the infinity pool, the outdoor sauna, and jacuzzi. It has the most amazing views over Funchal’s amphitheater. On one side you can have a glimpse of that luxurious deep green of Nature of Madeira. On the other, there’s the sea and the cruise port. “It is wonderful. Sometimes the cruises arrive at sunrise and it is really a unique experience, seeing a floating city coming towards you. It’s completely divine!”

Then, there is one more thing that makes this rooftop so special: it has the most apotheotic parties! To Hugo, December is particularly not to be missed. The Funchal slopes are full of shining Christmas lights, looking like a giant nativity scene. As the new year is approaching, it’s an amazing vision. Madeira is well-known for its 360º fireworks and from Pestana CR7 Rooftop you can watch them all. It’s that day of the year that the crowd keeps partying up to 4 am.

Rooms | Suite

Like the Hotel itself, all rooms have some kind of reference to Cristiano – and a subtle nod to sports, Madeira, and celebrities. Above the headboards, you have the storytelling about his childhood, family, his first club, and his evolution in the major European league. The closet looks like a locker, the bathroom has a fake camera, and the bedspreads joyfully feature bananas, one of the main exports of the island. On top of all that, guests will find total digital comfort, such as USB adapters, flat-screen TV, and high-speed wi-fi. 

The suite is located in the corner of the building, with a glass structure instead of a wall. Can you imagine waking up and see the amazing sunrise and the big cruises entering the port? Cristiano Ronaldo surely can – this is the room he stays in when he comes to the Hotel. It should be noted that the suite is not the one at the end of the corridor with his picture on the door – that’s a Superior Room.

Pestana CR7 Funchal is a 4-star hotel, born from a collaboration between Cristiano Ronaldo and the Pestana Hotel Group. This lifestyle hotel combines contemporary design and privileged location, making it the ultimate hotspot of Funchal.

There is a funny story about the suite, though. Originally the suite had a fabulous tailor-made round bed. However, the bed was too small for the 1,87 meter-long Cristiano Ronaldo. As a good rest is essential for a top athlete, a new and bigger bed was bought for the suite. And the round bed went to room 104. Usually, it is given to people traveling alone. So if you want to sleep in the same bed once used by our soccer star player, you know what room to ask for!

Surrounding area | Museum

Let’s go back to the Rooftop. From here you can see, across the road, the Casino da Madeira, the beautiful park of Santa Catarina, the official residence of Madeira’s regional president, and the most famous nightclubs. You can also see people walking along Praça do Mar.

Pestana CR7 Funchal has “the perfect location”, says Hugo. “It’s far enough from the busy city center but close enough to go on foot, with the particularity of being a plain pathway”.

That is something unusual in Madeira, may we add.

Hotel guests have free entrance to the CR7 Museum on the ground floor of the building. The trophies and medals, two wax sculptures, and all the important moments of Cristiano’s life as a player are registered here. The Museum draws the attention of Cristiano and soccer fans all over the world. Yet, somehow the Hotel itself has outgrown the fan’s universe and welcomes all kinds of people. You are invited to come too.

Pestana CR7 Funchal is a 4-star hotel, born from a collaboration between Cristiano Ronaldo and the Pestana Hotel Group. This lifestyle hotel combines contemporary design and privileged location, making it the ultimate hotspot of Funchal.

Av. Sá Carneiro, Pç. do Mar, 9000-017 Funchal | Tel. (351) 291 140 480 |

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