Pestana CR7 Manchester will open in 2023 as our 7h brand Hotel, following Madeira, Lisbon, Madrid, New York, Marrakech, and Paris. It couldn´t be more appropriate – after all, this is the city where Cristiano Ronaldo started his international career in Man. United back in 2003 and where he first used number 7.

Besides football, Manchester is known by the music scene, the birthplace of the industrial revolution and one of the largest Chinese communities in Europe. 

While we´re working on the new opening, here are 7 things to do and feel in Manchester.

National Football Museum

Fall in love with the game as you explore the world’s biggest football museum. You can look for Cristiano Ronaldo in the hall of fame and test your football skills by trying its interactive games.

Live gigs

Oasis, The Smiths, Chemical Brothers, Take That, and M People all started here in Manchester. So you should go to one of these small venues where new bands perform. Places like Soup Kitchen, Band On The Wall and Yes are trending.

Records stores

They say Vinyl is back, but in Manchester, it never really disappeared. The city’s independent record stores have drawn music lovers from all over the world.

Food and drinks 

Artisanal coffee and craft beer are a thing in Manchester, with many new coffee houses and bars popping up. Then you have food markets and stalls everywhere, so you’ll never be hungry or thirsty.


Chinese small businesses such as laundries, restaurants, medicine shops, supermarkets, and other services can be found in the city center. Although the Chinese New Year is the most festive season, you can party at any time in this joyful community.

Street Art

The Northern Quarter is known as the “most happening area” due to its design pieces. Many of them come from the Cities of Hope festival, an event that makes a statement on social issues.

Industrial relics

The first steam engine, the first railway station for passengers, the brick chimneys and the Old Mill. The industrial revolution shaped Manchester and remain a distinguished symbol. Visit the Victoria Baths, which hosts the best events in the city.


  1. Pestana CR7 currently have hotels in Lisbon and Funchal – the capital of the ex- Manchester United star s native Madeira.

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