Here are 7 fun things to do with kids when you are in Lisbon. Because, well… You know how kids are. They never stand still, are always excited and wanting to play. Now that we all are heading back to work – and back to school – it´s important to keep that happy, curious feeling alive! We give you some ideas on how to create new memories as a family and spend the most precious of times with your children.

1 – Be like a fish in the ocean at Oceanário de Lisboa

Besides being the World’s Best Aquarium by TripAdvisor for the 3d time in a row, Oceanário de Lisboa organizes concerts for babies and the fascinating activity of sleeping with sharks. Kids only have to bring their sleeping bags and spend the night! They will learn more about sharks, their rough skin and huge teeth, astonishing speed and intimating gaze.

2 – Experiment as a true scientist at Pavilhão do Conhecimento 

Not only can you see here the most interesting exhibitions that really stimulate reasoning, but we can actually do things! Welcome to Pavilhão do Conhecimento, the most scientific and fun way of experimenting the different activities, workshops learning, and birthday celebrations!

3 – See the stars at Planetário Calouste Gulbenkian

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to love the stars. But scientists do often come to Planetarium to lecture children. Then, you have several sessions for all ages on that comfy chairs looking up the mysteries of the universe.

4 – Explore the animal world at Jardim Zoológico

Every child loves animals, and the Zoo in Lisbon has about 2000 animals of 300 different species. Lions and elephants, eagles and bears, tigers and orangutans. The ticket includes all the shows and attractions except for the train. Kids and adults alike can watch dolphins, birds and reptile performances, spend a pleasant time at the small farm, and have fun on the cable car ride.

5 – Surf the waves at Carcavelos Surf School

Start surfing the waves from a young age at a beautiful beach just around 30 minutes from Lisbon. Carcavelos Surf School believes that “Surf improves your mental and physical health in a relaxed and fun environment”. So they have close supervision of children’s classes, and they promote surf camps, surf birthday parties and surf holidays as well.

6 – Learn how to cook at Time Out Market

Time Out Market is a wonderful place to eat – and it is also the best place for you and your children to learn how to cook! Masterkids classes include pastéis de nata, hamburgers, and special events workshops.

7 – Feel like a king or queen at Castelo de São Jorge

Be the ruler in the medieval citadel built by the Moors in the 11th century, and conquered by the Portuguese first king, Afonso Henriques. The castle provides several activities for children to understand history, spaces, characters, and cultures of different periods.

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