The Saints season is coming to Lisbon! June is one of the most festive months in the city. We celebrate our Saint Anthony right on the 13th, but partying goes on until manjericos (a kind of small basil) lose their smell.

The popular Saints (Anthony, John, and Peter), in the end of the school year, and the beginning of Summer bring us so much joy this month! To live like a true local, you must:

1. Eat sardines.

It’s during Summer that they taste better, grilled with pepper and a piece of bread. Some like it with skin and bones, others prefer gourmet versions.

2. Dance in popular balls.

All over the city there are places with loud music to enter into the rhythm.

3. Sing tacky music.

Just learn the chorus and sing along. Usually, male singers have a mustache and an accordion.  Female singers wear shorts and way too much make-up.

4. Photograph the Lisbon parade.

It is a true photo challenge, with moving targets and long exposures.

5. Go to popular neighborhoods.

Alfama, Ajuda, Mouraria, Castelo, Graça, Bica, Madragoa are really worth a night visit.

6. Smell a manjerico.

The correct way is to gently put your hand over the plant. Then you take the smell from your hand to your nose. Never ever put your nose directly on the manjerico. It will kill it.] 

7. Enjoy the beach.

If the night is designed to dance, eat, and drink, the day is for you to go to the beach.

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