Trans-Madeira is a challenging mountain-bike adventure. From June 5th to the 9th, the fastest racers on the planet cycle across the island’s most breathtaking locations.

Would you dare biking up and down Madeira’s hills, sleeping in a tent and competing against world-class athletes? “The biggest challenge is being consistent and physically resistant, in order to endure the five days of the event, the altimetry, and the mileage”, says Filipe Caldeira, co-founder of Freeride Madeira. “Remember: Trans-Madeira consists of a total of 220 km. (137 mi.), 14 km. (8.7 mi.) of which downhill and 6.5 km. (4 mi.) uphill”. The mountain-bike adventure crosses Madeira from East to West, North to South – the four corners of this island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Filipe and his partners Roberto Chaves and John Fernandes really know their business. They have organized since 2012 several bike adventures in the most diverse and remote spectacular locations in the island. They’re extremely passionate about both mountain bike and the Madeira island.

This year, they have gathered approximately 100 bikers who are no strangers to these demanding challenges. “Competitors are used to this kind of events, such as the Trans-Provence, Trans-Savoie or Trans-New Zealand”, explains Filipe. “Trans-Madeira is a very similar event, so they know what to expect”.

Camping under the stars

Freeride Madeira is committed to developing a sustainable trail network around the island. Over the five days of the event, participants sleep in tents and are invited to mingle at the campsites. As Filipe tells us, “there is a true spirit of companionship and mutual assistance”. Three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are provided by the organization, as well as race insurance, airport transfers, and other logistics.

The deal is clear: a mind-blowing island, the pure air of the mountains, your bike, your friends. A lifetime experience you will never forget.

Photo © simon_nieborak

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