Dear Santa,

We hope you have worked out a lot this year! Are you ready to face the great reindeer race? As you know, tourism is big in Madeira, therefore we have been busy too! This has been an amazing year and we are preparing even more surprises for our guests on the Island until the new year’s eve.

No matter how hard we have worked, we still found time to train our cheerleaders, all dressed up with a CR7 t-shirt, just to you encourage you. Even better, we found “Natal na Praça”, the perfect place where you can buy any presents you are still missing!

You know, of course, the Mercado dos Lavradores, right in the center of Funchal. The one which has giant tunas and exotic fruits. Yeah, that one. It is the center of Christmas’ magic  – as it is stated in the European Best Destinations of Christmas Markets.

There you have three whole Sundays, from 9 AM to 9 PM, to lovingly choose each present.

-December 2nd you’ll find decoration articles, fashion, and accessories. By the way, we love wicker chairs. Do you think you can bring us a pair on your sleigh?

– December 9th is dedicated to Christmas delicacies. It’s been a long time since our last honey cake of Madeira. You can buy more than one and we’ll bet the elves will love them too.

-Finally, on December 16th, imagination has no limits in the thematic fairs. Handcraft, used books, antiques, and food. Believe us, Santa: this is the right place to find that special present even to those who never need anything. That reminds us, how is Mrs. Santa?

Of course, there is always something missing, but don’t worry. You can still have your happy Oh-Oh-Ohs. We have the Market night on December 23rd, where you can buy last-minute gifts and hear some nice Christmas choirs.

This is all, Santa. You can expect our special queijadas, poncha and our cheerleaders waiting for you at the rooftop of Pestana CR7 Funchal (remember, we do not have a chimney).

Have a nice ride and a very merry Christmas!

Photo@Mercados do Funchal

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