In a recent meeting with children in Madrid, a kid asked Cristiano Ronaldo where would he be some years from now. And the answer was “fishing in Madeira”!

If you love fishing, you know Madeira is one of the best fishing destinations in the world. Here you can find warm waters, breathtaking sceneries and an abundance of fish species. Bigeye tuna and blue marlin, sharp snout bream and wrasse, parrotfish and Atlantic goliath grouper, all of them contribute to the spectacular biodiversity of the sea around Madeira. Do you want to be a part of this fishing adventure?

Before picking up your fishing rod and choosing baits, see what you need to fish in Madeira. We have talked with Rui Oliveira, the fishing delegate of Mar e Serra Sports Club, who suggested the best spots on the island.

Photo by Valentin on Unsplash

What to do

First things first, though. You need to obtain your fishing permit. To do that, you only have to:

  • Register at Simplifica website
  • Give your ID number (Passport for foreign citizens)
  • Select the kind of permit: shore fishing (4 to 8 euros), boat fishing (15 to 50 euros) or underwater fishing (5 to 15 euros)
  • Choose the permit term (30 days or 12 months) and pay.

As an option, you can obtain your permit in the fish auction of Funchal or Porto Santo, or directly at the regional fishing directorate at Câmara de Lobos. Any further question, you can address them here:

Besides the fishing permit, you have to pay attention to the sea conditions. “There are some dangerous places, the North sea is complicated” explains Rui Oliveira. Be ready by updating her about tides, wind, weather, and pressure. We can only say that, as we are writing this article, the scenery is “pretty good”!

You must also watch out the amount of fishing. Each fisherman can maintain and take away up to 10 kg of fish and cephalopods per day, without taking account the biggest specimen. The limit is of 15 kg for the underwater fishery.

The best spots

To Rui Oliveira, there is no doubt that fishing is “the best activity to ease stress. Times goes by running and you cannot think of anything else”. It really is the ideal thing to relax for top athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, right? The contact with nature, the ecologic consciousness, and a free dinner are other advantages!

Fishing material can easily be bought at Madeira Shopping or even mini markets.

You should take into consideration, however, that you cannot fish in certain areas during the bathing season. The Serra e Mar Club representative told us about his favorite places for fishing in Madeira Island: São Gonçalo, Porto Moniz, Formosa, Machico, Ponta Delgada, Cais do Carvão…

Can you think of somewhere else? And do you think that you´ll ever find Cristiano Ronaldo in some of these places anytime soon?

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