Cristiano Ronaldo jumped 2,56 meters to score another amazing goal. Perhaps he was inspired by the highest peaks of his homeland. The truth is, Madeira’s landscapes are as breathtaking as CR7 performance. In other words, you too can climb the highest mountains, go beyond the clouds, and enter the awesomesphere.

Our proposal: A hike between the two most famous highest peaks in Madeira: Pico Ruivo (1862 meters) and Pico do Areeiro (1817 meters). As this trail is well marked, it gives you the most rewarding views. From the mountain range to the Atlantic Ocean, through paths, tunnels, and slopes of Area Natura 2000. It covers about 7 and 8 km, and it lasts about 3 and a half hours.

What you should do

Prepare before you go

This path is recommended to hikers in good shape above 12 years old. Requested equipment includes appropriate footwear, coats, flashlight, water, and snacks. Also, hiring an experienced guide is always a good choice.

Watch the birds

While you walk, you can find rare species and other endemic birds such as:

  • Zino’s petrel (Pterodroma madeira)
  • Common buzzard (Buteo buteo)
  • Manx shearwater (Puffinus puffinus)
  • Atlantic canary (Serinus canaria)
  • Berthelot’s Pipit (Anthus berthelotii madeirensis)
  • Plain swift (Apus unicolor)
  • Rock sparrow (Petronia petronia madeirensis
  • Common chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs madeirensis
  • Common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus canariensis)
  • Common firecrest (Regulus ignicapilla madeirensis)
Pico Ruivo
Photo by Reieuhu – Unsplash

Explore the caves

Did you know that the volcanic tuffs along the way were once a shelter for shepherds and cattle? Later they became a place for a short break.

Admire the rock’s formation

While you are climbing, curious formats will draw your attention. We highlight the “Man Standing” at Achada do Teixeira but the excavated stairs at Pico das Torres are also a good choice.

Know the flora

See, smell and photoshoot:

  • Heather (Erica madeirensis)
  • Violets (Viola paradoxa)
  • Orchids (Orchis scopolorum)
  • Anthyllis (Anthyllis lemanniana)

Awe at the viewpoints

Be amazed at Ninho da Manta, Pico do Gato, Pico das Torres and, of course, Pico do Areeiro and its see-through platform over the ocean. What you can see during the hiking depends on the weather conditions. That is since some days are of dense fog and others give you a clear view of Ponta de São Lourenço and Porto Moniz.

Pico do Areeiro
Photo by Colin Watts – Unsplash

Overcome yourself

OK, you came this far and you know the final climbing to Pico Ruivo is possibly the hardest one. But it’s totally worth it. Furthermore, it’s likely you become a new you. After all, it’s in times like these that you wonder who you are, where do you come from and where are you going.

Climb the highest peaks and stay at Pestana CR7 Funchal!

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