Do you love nightlife? Know where to go when you are in Madeira.

Join us on a special tour through Madeira’s finest nightlife spots. We can certainly find the perfect nightspot for everyone.

In Funchal old town, you can find a really cool set of restaurants and bars to start your evening. Drink a Poncha or a Nikita, a beer (Coral brand, of course) or a cocktail at:

23 Vintage Bar is great for a cocktail and old time classics.

Mini Eco Bar is the most sustainable bar on the island, promoting ecology as well as new musical talents. It’s open up to 4 am.

Dash Cocktail Bar will dazzle you with its craft cocktails and seasonal menus.

Museu Café gives you tasty food and drinks from breakfast to late at night. 

Café do Teatro is the most iconic Café in Madeira, where different generations get together.

Venda Velha rebuilds the tradition of selling Poncha with peanuts and conversations.

Feel like dancing all night long?

After enjoying the most fabulous sunset at Pestana CR7 Funchal Rooftop,  you just have to cross the street and go to Vespas. Actually, there are 3 different nightclubs sharing the same space: Vespas (younger vibe), Marginal (techno music) and Jam (classic pop) but the reference is always Vespas and people usually say “let’s go to Vespas” even if they will end up going to Jam or Marginal.

Copacabana, in Casino da Madeira is another great place to dance and party.

CR7 Tip:

Dress casually. People in Funchal are pretty relaxed. But guys, please don’t use shorts andflip flops if you’re going to a nightclub.

If you think there is nothing like a sea view even in the darkest night, try the Barreirinha Bar Café near Zona Velha. During the weekend you can usually enjoy live music sessions.

Another option is Lido’s Promenade, outside the city center, with a nice outside area, where you can talk and have fun with your friends.

Speaking of ocean views, Fortaleza do Pico is an amazing place to have a drink and feel like you’re on the top of the world.

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