One of the best ways to get to know a city is following the locals and their habits. Lisboners have never been more fond of jogging than they are now, so put on your running shoes and follow us!

We’ll show you around the best parks, the coolest city trails and the best scenic routes!
  1. Belém riverside – Let’s start off on the western part of Lisbon, shall we? Every step of this 5.5 km (3.4 mi) track takes you through beautiful monuments, training zones, marinas and the best views. You’ll be running on both cobblestone and asphalt.
  2. Parque das Nações – On the east side of Lisbon, this modern park also features an impressive river view. Plus, here you are presented with contemporary architecture, cultural facilities, unique gardens, and a shopping mall. You can run up to 5 km (3.2 mi) straight on both pavement and gravel.
  3. Parque de Monsanto – Oh the fresh air and its invigorating call of Nature! And the squirrels, don’t forget the squirrels and all the other little creatures who live in our dearest forest – the Lisbon’s “lungs”. Choose your way from unpaved roads, gravel to asphalt, and run along the 12 km (7.5 mi) tracks.
  4. Parque Eduardo VII – If you love a challenge, we dare you running uphill! You don’t have to jog fast on this 2 km (1.2 mi) path, so you don’t miss out on the kiosk, the children’s playground, and the souvenir’s stall. We also don’t want you to injure yourself by skidding on the pavement! Just enjoy your jogging and the background when you are up there.
  5. Jardim da Estrela – The most dangerous thing that can happen here is to be run over by a kid on rollerblades. Or a bike. Or even a skateboard. The racing track is only 680 meters-long (2200 feet) and it circles around lakes and coffee shops. Definitely one of the most charming spots for a run.
  6. Estádio Universitário – Ideal for every kind of sports, the unpaved, cement and gravel floors give you the chance of running at least 2.7 km (1.6 mi)in one lap. It’s a great place to meet people too, as college students and pretty much everyone who loves fitness pop by.
  7. Paredão do Estoril – When the riverside is not inspiring enough for you, go out of town towards the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Built right next to the waterfront, between Cascais and São João do Estoril, the 3 km-long (1.9 mi) boardwalk is perfect for your body and mind. There’s a bonus: you can always go for a swim in the ocean before returning to your Pestana CR7 hotel.

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