Summer begins on June 21st. In Lisbon, the sunrise will be at 06:13 AM and the sunset at 21:03 PM. You can enjoy almost 15 hours of daylight between these two magical moments.

We have selected seven amazing places in town to watch the colors changing in the sky with the promise of long and sunny days to come in the westernmost European country.

Rua Augusta’s Arch – Visit the iconic monument facing the Tagus river and the Comércio Square. (Tickets: 2,50€).

São Jorge Castle – Open until  9 PM giving you just enough time to watch the sunset over Lisbon before leaving the medieval castle behind. (Tickets: 8,50€)

Castelo de São Jorge, Lisboa
Photo by Dennis Flinsenberg on Unsplash

Monte Agudo is one of Lisbon’s top viewpoints, featuring with a pergola, a kiosk, and a seating area. It is still unknown to most tourists, so you can quietly enjoy the breathtaking view. You may also like Our Lady of Monte viewpoint.

Belém – Stroll by the riverside, between MAAT (tickets for exhibition 5,00€ | open access rooftop) and Torre de Belém (6,00€). You will go through Padrão dos Descobrimentos (5,00€) and other monumental sites while the sun comes down in stunning shades of orange and red.

MAAT Rooftop
Photo by Mathias Wichmann on Unsplash

Parque Tejo – The east side of Lisbon has this vast park where you can run, bicycle, play sports or simply enjoy the landscape. For nature lovers, it really is a wonderful spot to explore and wait for that special moment the sun goes down the Tagus river.

Ponte Vasco da Gama, Lisboa
Photo by Everaldo Coelho on Unsplash

Panorâmico de Monsanto looks like a UFO hanging over Monsanto, Lisbon’s forest. It is one of those abandoned places that has not lost its soul – a former restaurant waiting for a better future, but open to the public as a viewpoint in the meantime.

Calçada do Combro – A parking lot may not usually match the romantic idea of a beautiful sunset. But at Park Rooftop Bar, the unique light of the city finds its way to dazzle us.

CR7 Tips: Most monuments and museums are free for children under 10 years-old and charge only half-price to senior citizens. Please check out the websites or ask for more information before purchasing your ticket.

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