Diogo Fernandes, 26 years-old, plays live music at Pestana CR7 Corner. “It’s a very welcoming, family-friendly bar with an extraordinary atmosphere.” Come and listen.

When did you start playing the guitar and when did you discover this talent?

I started playing when I was 8, but it was only later that I started really putting in more effort into learning the instrument.

What about your music career?

I came into contact with music when at the age of 6. I went to solfège lessons, where I studied scores for 2 years. However, my learning was much more about listening than studying. I rarely studied, but I practiced a lot, trying to discover my own sounds, which was better for my ear. From the age of 10 to 13, I studied drums and I began performing live as a drummer. At the age of 15, I started to play and sing covers, as the frontman in an acoustic trio, but I always liked to write my own music. I did it in parallel, as I still do today.

At the age of 18, the first opportunity arose to show my songs and this is how it happened: Diogo Fernandes & Armazém 4F was the Portuguese music project, where my songs that I had been composing since I was a kid, were part of the repertoire. In parallel, I played in a cover band with four friends, Dr.Nico, which later became a Soul, R&B, and Funk band called GatoSapato, a band that still plays whenever we get the chance.

When will Diogo play again at Pestana CR7 Corner? See all our events here!

Finally, after getting all this experience under my belt, now I am working on my own project, together with my team of friends who support me unconditionally, and that’s how I created DITADO. This latest project is the convergence of all my influences and origins, I am putting everything into it and I have such a strong desire to show people what we have created.

Favorite tracks on your playlist
 Best Part – Her
 So Sick – Ne-Yo
 Duía – Da Weasel

How do you choose your covers?

I don’t have any particular method for choosing covers, I just play the songs that I like. I don’t like to follow mainstream guys that do covers, I like to play covers of artists I like and with whom I identify, I like doing my own versions, adjusting the tracks to my register. That’s how I see things.

What are the musical styles you identify with and why?

I like to identify with Portuguese artists, I identify with Rui Veloso, Pedro Abrunhosa, Pac Man at the time of Da Weasel, among others. Actually, my musical fusion can encompass artists of many difficult musical styles.

Do you intend to release your own original music?

Very recently, I launched one of the tracks from DITADO, called “Sentidos”. It says a bit about my opinion on the society that surrounds me, also a little about myself. At the same time, I wish to pass on a positive message about how we feel about what’s around us, the feeling that makes us want to turn the negative into the positive.

If life were seen in this way, it would make much more sense – it seems redundant, but I believe that if every one of us were a tad better to ourselves and those close to us, the world would be a better place. We are not here for long and we should make the most of it with the good always in mind. My work will come out, with no specific date yet, there’s a lot to be done and resources are low, I am doing what I can to meet the conditions, but it’s taking time.

Why did you start playing at the Pestana CR7?

My contact details were passed on via a good friend who works at the Pestana CR7, so he got the whole process moving. I am grateful to him and to the Pestana CR7, for all the support and care it has given me since it began with me, and it knows how to show what we most like to do in places like this.

How would you define the atmosphere at the Pestana CR7 Corner?

The Pestana CR7 Corner is a very welcoming, family-friendly bar with an extraordinary atmosphere. There are always people that touch me in some way, who let me know how they enjoy what they’re hearing. There is a lot of visual contacts, I perform near to the people there. The atmosphere and the way the sport is also screened on TV are incredible, yet the music playing in the background is never neglected. I don’t have any problems with this kind of fusion, I don’t see it as disrespect, because I never felt like that at the Pestana CR7 Corner. I’m sporty myself and being able to listen to music live and also being able to share the moment to watch sport is kind of appealing, right?

What do you most like when you come here to play?

People who approach me stealthily with an element of embarrassment but end up surrendering and this touches me immensely. I’m not forcing anyone to listen to me, especially because what I provide is background music at the same time as football games, the main concept of the bar. When I feel that people are enjoying it, it is gratifying.

What do you usually order at the CR7 Corner & Bistro?

I really like the Prego do Lombo (steak sandwich) with Dijon and the Pork Cheek Croquettes with sweet and sour sauce.

Diogo, Where are you going?

EHEH! I think I’m getting there, I just want to get there authentically and touch people’s hearts with positive messages so that the world can also be a better place! 

If I’m talking about myself, if I keep working hard all the time without really thinking about where I’m going, I believe that everything can work out!

I would like to also share my latest track – Sentidos.

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