Every Thursday evening, DJ Fabrizio brings his music to Pestana CR7 Lisboa. He mixes a smooth blend of different musical genres, in a selection that is tailored to suit his audience. Born on the peaceful island of Porto Santo (Madeira) 36 years ago, Fabrizio Reinolds maintains that “to like music, you first have to like silence.”

How did you become a DJ?

I started out producing music and later turned to playing it.

What kind of music do you prefer?

It’s quite eclectic. I really like funk, disco, jazz, soul and electronic music.

My playlist

Garfield Fleming – Don’t send me away

Deodato – Keep on moving

Peven Everett – Feeling you in and out

DJ Fabrizio

How would you define the atmosphere at the Pestana CR7 Corner?

We have a range of different age groups, so we can’t stick to just one style of music. We never have exactly the same kind of audience, so we need to be reactive and adapt to what we play.

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What is the funniest situation you’ve experienced here at the Hotel?

I’ve had people dancing in front of Reception, asking for music, coming here saying that they like the sound and even trying to pay me tips…

What do you usually order at the CR7 Corner & Bistro? And what would you recommend to your friends?

I really like the wine list, there is a good selection. I love the prawn risotto.

Have you ever met Cristiano Ronaldo? How did that happen?

I’ve seen him twice here in this hotel with his wife and a couple of friends. Of course, I carried on doing my job…I couldn’t leave the booth to ask him for an autograph.

Besides music, is there any activity you do that makes you feel completely happy?

I like walking, reading, the beach, and peace and tranquillity.

When you go on holiday, do you look for that? Beach, peace, and quiet?

I’m from Porto Santo, there’s no other way it could go. The beach, music, peace and relaxation, that’s what I like. During holidays I like to listen to the sea and sleep peacefully, getting away a bit from the noise of traffic and pollution.

I think that to like music, you first need to like silence.

DJ Fabrizio

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years, I picture myself with my own business: a record shop, a bar or a club, but still being a DJ and surrounded by music.

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