Isabel Borges


I have an events company where I plan, design and follow up on every aspect of the projects.

When did you start participating in the organization of the Flower Festival?


Which are the most difficult flowers to work with (and why)?

Hydrangeas, because we have to chop the stems at the right height, boil them in water and then rinse them in cold water. We do the flower arrangement at the end and finish it with a varnish spray so they last longer. 

How many flowers are you using in this year’s Festival?

6000 gerberas, 2000 perennial stalks, plus 2000 other different flowers in the bouquets of the opening wing.

What is harder: the float decoration or dressing up the children?

Nothing is hard when there is goodwill, teamwork, and resources. Nonetheless, I prefer designing dresses and make them with the seamstresses. And I love making hats even more!

What is the theme of this year’s Festival?

600 years in blossom. My project this year is dedicated to sculptor Ricardo Veloza, who was my Art teacher in high school.

What inspires you?

Everything, really. Traveling, different cultures,  my vacations, my hometown, my daughter…

Music chosen for the parade

“Twist and Shout” and “Can’t Buy Me Love” from The Beatles.

What does this time of the year mean to you?

It is the best time of the year! The city dresses up in colors and fantasy. It looks like a Disney town with giant flowers and fairies in beautiful dresses, offering flowers to visitors and welcoming them like they were close relatives.

What can tourists take from this experience?

Only good things! People here can entertain like no other! Downtown, the promotors dressed accordingly to the festival’s theme are the ones who establish bonds and create memorable experiences that tourists take back home with them, along with the flowers, the scenery and the culture.

What was the most wonderful and exciting parade until now?

AMARILIS, 2010. It was the last year my daughter marched before she went to Brighton to study Architecture. She came back to the Flower Festival last year, it was beautiful.

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